Guess the Euromillions – Free Prize Draw Competition Terms and conditions.

IMPORTANT: These terms and conditions supersede any other terms and conditions found on any website, marketing or any other distribution method including verbal.

By participating within this competition you are agreeing to two sets of terms and conditions. The ‘Generic Terms and Conditions’ that govern the general rules of participating within the games and competitions but also the ‘Specific Terms and Conditions’ that are Specific to entering the competition.

These games and competitions are independently run, maintained and managed by, providing peace of mind for everyone who enters.

Generic Terms and Conditions


We, Us, Repeeps means the independent operator of the games and competitions.

You, User, means the user of the website who enters into the competition.

Site, Website, means the website that hosts and promotes the games and competitions managed by us.

Prize Draws, Competitions reference to one may also mean the other as they are one of the same.

Winner, The user that wins the competition

Owner, The owner and/or operator of the website which may be an individual, company or other entity

Prize pot, Pot or Jackpot means the amount of money currently able to be one on the current draw.

Free Prize Draws

Prize draws by promoted via the website or any other way are free prize draws and as such do not constitute licensable gambling and are not regulated by the Gambling Commission. All our prize draws are free to enter, in some instances you may become a member whether, paying or free,  to gain other support, services and updates. Even if you have paid to become a member you still have the options to enter these prize draws for free without being a paying member. Any paid membership is purely for additional services and you are not paying to enter the competitions. You agree that you have no right to appeal to or otherwise involve the Gambling Commission in the event of any dispute.

We in no way are associated with the National Lottery, Camelot, The Euromillions or any lottery organisation or provider. This is a free prize draw where players guess what the Euromillions draw numbers would be to enter. The first person to guess the complete draw number correctly, including the lucky stars, wins a prize.

Summary of terms 

  • To enter you must follow the entry terms found within the ‘Specific Terms and Conditions’. If no separate ‘Specific Terms and Conditions’ are promoted on the site then the standard entry terms in point 1 below take effect. This is a FREE prize draw, if you have been asked to pay to enter you must contact immediately and not enter.
  • To have a chance to win you have to guess what the Euromillions results will be on Tuesdays Draw. The exact date will be displayed within the entry process. It would normally be the up coming tuesday Euromillion draw as long as you’re entering on or before tuesday 7:30pm UK time. Any entry after this date and time will be counted as an entry for the following weeks draw.
  • When there is a winner, the winner has 30 days to claim their winnings
  • If you are a NON-UK resident, to enter YOU MUST ensure you are able to participate in these types of prize draws from the country of your residence. If you are unsure in any way you MUST NOT enter. If you still want to enter then you must seek legal advice to ensure you are allowed to enter these types of prize draws including ensuring you’re of minimum age.
  • Winner will be notified on facebook, by phone, email or any other means we feel suitable. We will always do our best to inform you of any prize you have won. If we do not have the correct information or you don’t receive our attempts to inform you for any reason then we can not be held responsible and you have no rights to any claim for compensation or winnings in any way. Whatever happens, you have 30 days to claim any winnings and provide details of the bank you would like the winnings transferred to.
  • To enter you must have a bank account that will accept a bank transfer from a UK bank. We hold no responsibility if you are unable to receive the prize money if you win any.
  • The Prize will be the prize promoted within the prize draw marketing material. For avoidance of doubt the maximum prize value is £500. If any prize at the point of purchasing it for any winner is more than this in value we have the right to give the winner £500 in direct replacement of any prize
  • Unclaimed winnings after 30 days of the winner(s) being notified at our discretion may (but not limited to) be distributed to charity, added to the current pot or included in other prize draws we may offer or run.
  • Have fun and keep an eye out for our other great competitions.

Terms and conditions

1. Our generic entry terms in an instance where no ‘Specific Terms and Conditions’ to enter have been provided to you are simple. All you have to do is provide your details and select the five numbers from 1-50 and two Lucky Star numbers from 1-12 that you believe are going to be the winning Euromillion numbers for the current draw.

2. As mentioned above under the summary of terms section, the competition is open to anyone in the world subject to local laws on free competitions or age restrictions on owning the prize. You must not enter if you are unsure if you’re allowed to enter and instead seek legal advice.

3. No bulk or automated entries are accepted. You must only enter once,  if there are multiple people in your home only 4 entries per household are accepted. Repeeps may give you a second chance of winning at its own discretion or if it offers any promotion of offer.

4. No responsibility is accepted for any fault with any entries, prize allocation or the delivery of the prize. This is a free prize draw and by entering you acknowledge in no instance you will be at any financial loss. Therefor agree you have no right for any claim for loss.

5. The prize draw is weekly and to win you have to get have guessed the compelete winning numbers for Euromillions including the lucky star numbers.

6. If two or more people have selected the correct winning euromillion numbers including lucky stars then the prize will go to the person who entered first.

7. As privacy settings vary on social media accounts, the winner will be publicly announced on our Facebook page,  the website and anywhere else we see suitable including partner websites. If the winner doesn’t want their full name or picture displayed we may only use their first name and the prize they won.

8. The prize must be claimed within 30 days of the winner being notified. It is not our responsibility if the winner does not receive or open the notification, for example, if the winner does not check their spam email account. We will endeavor to get hold of any winner on multiple occasions.

9. The winner will receive 1 (one) prize from a list of prizes or cash at our discretion however in no instance will the prize cost over £500 in value. The prize should be displayed on the website the users used to find and enter this competition. If the prize is no longer able to be purchased the prize will be a similar item and will be delivered to your home address or sent electronically.

10. We are not liable for any other costs nor costs if the prize is lost when being delivered. We are not liable for any damages, any delays or any other costs you may incur.

11. All prizes are non-transferable. No cash alternative is available for any prize.

12. By entering the competition you are agreeing to these terms and conditions

13. Your data may be used for marketing purposes.

14. By entering you agree we can pass your details to the owner of the Website for their marketing purposes.

15. By entering you will become a member of and, as a member we can contact you about the prize, competitions and anything else relevant to being a member.

16. If we suspect you have won by fraudulent means and not stuck to the spirit of the prize draw which is GUESSING a number or the website, our website or systems have suffered from any security breach including hacking we have the right to refuse to pay out on any prize or winnings.

17. The summary of terms found above also make part of these terms and conditions

18. If you enter multiple times in one week you will be disqualified and unable to claim any prize money.

19. At any point and for any reason we have the right to block or deny your entry into any of our prize draws and competitions.

IMPORTANT: If you are unsure about any of these terms do not enter the competition.